Hats protoDAO — Steward protoVOTE allocations, Season 3

This proposal grants protoVOTEs to Stewards for Season 3.

The first set of Stewards to receive their allocation of Season 3 protoVOTEs are the returning Stewards from Season 2. This group receives an additional 50 protoVOTEs each to use in Season 3.

The second set of Stewards to receive their allocation of Season 3 protoVotes via this proposal are the new Stewards who have existing protoREP. While other new Steward can onboard and receive their 50 starting protoVOTEs via the Hats Onboarding Shaman, Stewards who already have protoREP cannot. Instead, they can reboard via the shaman to convert their existing protoREP to protoVOTEs, while their additional starting 50 protoVOTEs will come from this proposal.

Here are the Stewards receiving 50 protoVOTEs in this proposal.

Name Status Address
Amy Jung Returning 0x73186b2A81952C2340c4eB2e74e89869E1183dF0
Brennan Returning 0x1b2c142ae4b9c72d2b8957079563d171b7f72892
Dan Returning 0x4E672DaFb5388DeC42C3E6FBE2477Af1bC0ECFCe
David Returning 0x03f7a3fd58b090abe577651fb92fb4789826191e
Diana Chen Returning 0xcEd09CCFc82b091195bdE04E6Cd65374518E7b95
Eliza Returning 0x327c780114D157BeE5780D56d62cFeE6d8DC603e
Ido Returning 0xeb2ee1250dc8c954da4eff4df0e4467a1ca6af6c
JC Returning 0xcad05f7d291045285bfee6a89c70af35c5fcc4ec
moreReese Returning 0x26E3a9c84fdB9b7fE33Dfd5E8D273D016e4e4Fb6
Nick Naraghi Returning 0x2abec368577257cee4b1197337b5491d4d9ed578
Retro Returning 0x5e0936b2d7f151d02813aace33e545b970d9c634
Scott Returning 0x68d36dcbdd7bbf206e27134f28103abe7cf972df
Shelby Returning 0xAa6dC9A896874b80E2Cd4f4f5e9A1C7c8E8574A2
Sky Returning 0xE04885c3f1419C6E8495C33bDCf5F8387cd88846
Spencer Returning 0x018e494352a3e68e16d03ed976fd64134bd82e72
Tyler Returning 0x03F33bb5e7CA4fEE122B1b443CebF2ed265C434A
Auryn MacMillan Returning 0xd714Dd60e22BbB1cbAFD0e40dE5Cfa7bBDD3F3C8
BPetes Returning 0x1b784725944ee55eb74f41e29d1262a0dd4d9135
Chris Carella Returning 0x3B60e31CFC48a9074CD5bEbb26C9EAa77650a43F
Feems Returning 0x6DD6934452eB4E6D87B9c874AE0EF83ec3bd5803
Nicole D’Avis Returning 0x751077DfD4942aA28985bAA850f4C648d241C863
Yamine Returning 0x0b06ca5DcC8A10Be0951d4E140D4312702B8D0EC
Zach Anderson Returning 0x1d3bf13f8f7A83390d03Db5E23A950778e1d1309
ECWireless New, with existing protoREP 0x1a9cEe6E1D21c3C09FB83A980EA54299f01920cd
Hodlon New, with existing protoREP 0xfF8592A0e6acF8975b5b9B6643eB20aD2550CA89
Kyle (bestape) New, with existing protoREP 0x0D89421D6eec0A4385F95f410732186A2Ab45077
Topocount New, with existing protoREP 0xBFc7CAE0Fad9B346270Ae8fde24827D2D779eF07