Steward onboarding migrating protoREP to a new address

I’ve been discussing the wish to transfer my protoREP from my old address to a new one as discussed with @davehrlichman

The following process will be followed as provided by David during my onboarding:

  1. Burning 100 loot from old address
  2. Minting 100 loot to new address
  3. Once the proposal is accepted: Reclaiming pREP into pVOTE

Thank you for this exciting role and looking forward to Season 2

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I can vouch for Yamine, and verify that the addresses where the protoREP is being burned and new protoREP is being minted to are correct. I vote yes on this proposal.

The onchain proposal can be found here: DAOhaus Admin


Thanks for the explanation @yamine.

Can you provide some sort of proof or assurance that the old address is indeed yours? This could take the form of signing a message with that address via etherscan’s verified signature feature.

This practice will be a good precedent to set to help ensure that future such proposals don’t inappropriately burn somebody else’s protoREP (or protoVOTEs, as the case may be).

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Hi @spengrah
Thank you for sharing this tool, here is the signed message proving ownership of the old address.


perfect, thank you!

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