Hats protoDAO - protoREP allocations, Season 1

This proposal allocates protoREP for Season 0 and 1 contributions.

Hats protoDAO is bootstrapping a decentralized reputation system to measure and attribute the value created by contributors for the Hats ecosystem. Contributions will be awarded with Hats protoDAO reputation points or “protoREP”, valueless and nontransferrable ERC20 non-voting stake tokens in the Hats protoDAO Moloch v3 contract.

In Season 1, Haberdasher Labs determined the final allocations building off of a decentralized, intersubjective allocation process by Hats protoDAO Stewards, detailed here. For Seasons 0 and 1, bundled together in this proposal, a total of 3700 protoREP is being distributed to stewards, contributors, and champions for their varied contributions to the Hats Protocol ecosystem, as documented here, in addition to the 1300 protoREP already distributed to Hats Stewards at the beginning of Season 1 for fulfilling the baseline responsibilities of the Steward role over the course of the season.

If this proDAO proposal passes, you will be able to see the resulting protoREP onchain via the Hats protoDAO’s DAOHaus interface.

If you feel your contribution was unfairly rewarded, we would appreciate hearing your feedback in this forum or reaching out via Telegram.


Thanks for the great breakdown. I found the charmverse page and google doc easy to read and understand, which I think is really important for distributions of this nature. This proposal has my support!

Edit: I actually noticed what may be a minor typo / math error in the charmverse age, and commented on it in charmverse. Editing my comment here for visibility.


Thank you! I responded to your comment in Charmverse, the language was indeed confusing so thanks for noting that, I attempted to clarify in the Charmverse doc. The breakdown is:

1700 protoREP to steward circle

1700 to contributor circle

100 to champion circle

1300 to stewards at the beginning of season 1 for holding the role

200 to contests

= 5000 total protoREP distributed across Seasons 0-1 (3700 distributed in this proposal)


Thank you so much for the clarification of the distribution of the protoREP, it makes it much easier to understand. You have my support for this proposal!

I do have a question about protoREP and protoVotes. If I understand the differences as defined here, then the only way for members to have governance rights, is to earn protoREP and then become a Steward which converts their protoREP to protoVotes. And therefore, it’s with the protoVotes that provides governance rights. Is that correct?

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Yes that is correct, in the current system. That said I could see this process evolving over time to give governance power to protoREP holders in some cases, and not just stewards/protoVOTE holders – something we’ll be investigating as part of the progressive decentralization process of the protoDAO!

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Thank you so much, @davehrlichman for the response. That’s great that possibly in the future that protoREP holder could have governance power. I believe that will be important to consider to allow Hats to become more decentralized.

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