Hats protoDAO - protoREP allocations, Season 2

This proposal allocates protoREP for Season 2 contributions.

Hats protoDAO is bootstrapping a decentralized reputation system to measure and attribute the value created by contributors for the Hats ecosystem. Contributions will be awarded with Hats protoDAO reputation points or “protoREP”, valueless and nontransferrable ERC20 non-voting stake tokens in the Hats protoDAO Moloch v3 contract.

In Season 2, Haberdasher Labs determined the final allocations building off of a decentralized, intersubjective allocation process by Hats protoDAO Stewards, detailed here .

For Seasons 0 and 1 combined a total of 5000 protoREP was distributed to stewards, contributors, and champions for their varied contributions to the Hats Protocol ecosystem, as documented here .

In Season 2, a total of 5050 protoREP is proposed to be distributed to stewards, contributors, and champions for their varied contributions to the Hats Protocol ecosystem, based on the relative GIVE distributions within each of the relevant Coordinape circles that Stewards participated in, with a modest concavity correction factor applied (see this page for details). This total of 5050 protoREP includes 1200 for community contributions, 1900 for steward contributions, and 50 for a contest winner, along with 1900 protoREP already distributed to Stewards for fulfilling their baseline responsibilities, totaling 3150 protoREP (5050-1900=3150) being distributed as part of this proposal.

The resulting proposed protoREP totals for Season 2 are shown here.

This proposal also burns 100 protoREP from a Steward who was inactive in Season 2, to recoup the 100 protoREP distributed to Stewards at the beginning of each season conditional upon them fulfilling the responsibilities of the Steward hat.

If this protoDAO proposal passes, you will be able to see the resulting protoREP onchain via the Hats protoDAO’s DAOHaus interface .

If you feel your contribution was unfairly rewarded, we would appreciate hearing your feedback in this forum or reaching out via Telegram.

Name Category Address protoREP
0xSplits mini app Contribution 0x759bacE429553bCA40645Da3283de1A105531b11 90.82
Case Study for ATXDAO Contribution 0x87ece9936Ad2254D03af83958fE3b202dC79793f 74.88
Case Study for Hats protoDAO Contribution 0x26E3a9c84fdB9b7fE33Dfd5E8D273D016e4e4Fb6 62.41
Case Study for RaidGuild Contribution 0x256Db55eeeC02e5c2Aa4313352667dd45A5362d2 70.99
CharmVerse token gate integration Contribution 0x3B60e31CFC48a9074CD5bEbb26C9EAa77650a43F 157.76
Create Hats App Contribution 0x0B5f5a722Ac5E8EcEDf4da39A656fe5f1e76b34C 133.61
DAO Council Tooling Contribution 0xACB837A57025BB355B8a82826164Fd47C6d0c573 128.87
Farcaster & Hats Protocol open-source integration in herocast Contribution 0x6d9fFaede2c6CD9bb48becE230ad589e0E0D981c 237.75
Forkable Reputation & Roles system Contribution 0xc689c800a7121b186208ea3b182fAb2671B337E7 133.61
Hats & Snapshot + Hats & Gitcoin Passport Contribution 0x0D89421D6eec0A4385F95f410732186A2Ab45077 109.29
Hats meme jokerace 1st place Contest 0xfF8592A0e6acF8975b5b9B6643eB20aD2550CA89 50
0xRetro Steward 0x5e0936b2d7f151d02813aace33e545b970d9c634 96.33
Amy Jung Steward 0x73186b2a81952c2340c4eb2e74e89869e1183df0 57.18
Auryn Steward 0xd714dd60e22bbb1cbafd0e40de5cfa7bbdd3f3c8 62.29
Brennan Mulligan Steward 0x1b2c142ae4b9c72d2b8957079563d171b7f72892 247.69
ccarella Steward 0x3b60e31cfc48a9074cd5bebb26c9eaa77650a43f 102.23
dan hunt Steward 0x4e672dafb5388dec42c3e6fbe2477af1bc0ecfce 165.22
dao.bpetes.eth Steward 0x1b784725944ee55eb74f41e29d1262a0dd4d9135 112.65
ddwchen Steward 0xced09ccfc82b091195bde04e6cd65374518e7b95 100.75
Eliza Steward 0x327c780114d157bee5780d56d62cfee6d8dc603e 71.18
Feems Steward 0x6dd6934452eb4e6d87b9c874ae0ef83ec3bd5803 100.59
JC Denton Steward 0xcad05f7d291045285bfee6a89c70af35c5fcc4ec 70.01
moreReese Steward 0x26e3a9c84fdb9b7fe33dfd5e8d273d016e4e4fb6 103.56
Nicole d’Avis Steward 0x751077dfd4942aa28985baa850f4c648d241c863 74.01
prose11 Steward 0xf01603e1ce9916ba7446b57b8fa975ae9f1c1143 59.65
Shelby Steward 0xaa6dc9a896874b80e2cd4f4f5e9a1c7c8e8574a2 117.29
Sky Steward 0xe04885c3f1419c6e8495c33bdcf5f8387cd88846 114.36
tsully Steward 0x03f33bb5e7ca4fee122b1b443cebf2ed265c434a 75.32
Yamine Steward 0x0b06ca5dcc8a10be0951d4e140d4312702b8d0ec 82.13
zakku Steward 0x1d3bf13f8f7a83390d03db5e23a950778e1d1309 87.57
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